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The Origin Story 


How One Entrepreneur Gave Light to a Skilled Community.



"From a simple solution to a leading network."


In 2018, Peter Campion had the vision to create a network dedicated to skills. The idea grew into a reality. Peter, an entrepreneur, was frustrated that peoples skills where underutilised both on and offline. His realisation that the freelance community needed support leads him to form a seed which flowered into the freelance network Skillbox. 


Before the launch, Peter convinced he wanted to make Skillbox different from other freelance communities.  He began working on a unique model that enabled education to be embedded into the core principles of the company. Skillbox was more than just a job board. This passion for teaching and openness for skills made Skillbox what it is today, a dedicated network for brilliant minds and to educate.


Today, Skillbox is seen as an innovative freelance network.

The desire to create services and bring people together is strongly valued within this freelance community.


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