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At Skillbox you will discover a range of top talent, from programmers to designers, creative writers, virtual assistants and more. 


  • Begin by posting a job. All that is required is detail consisting of what the job involves and the freelancers will do the rest!
  • Search for the right freelancer. Using our search filters will help you narrow down an expert in your desired field and increase the chance of you locating a specific skill.
  • We can send you a list of likely candidates. Instant results are sometimes very beneficial simply opt-in to receive updates when a new freelancer joins your selected field.


Hire what you know is good!


Simply shortlist from a talent pool to get your project off to a flying start.


  • Search profiles.  At Skillbox we monitor the quality of our freelancers by ratings, performance, commitment and progression. Do your research to find a credible freelancer that is worthy of your project.
  • Review focus points.  When selecting the perfect freelancer, evaluate qualifications, skills, and timeline whilst taking into consideration the overall cost.
  • Communication is key. Ask lots of specific questions to find out the level of expertise a freelancer has and what they are willing to commit too. From there you can then determine who is the most suitable for your project. 


Productivity comes in all shapes and sizes!


Once your project commences make sure you are off to a flying start by communicating efficiently and effectively to narrow down the task-based specifics.


  • Submit files. Send files in a secure environment to help the freelancer understand the task better. 
  • Utilise the chat system. We have designed the chat system to be free-flowing creating a clean workflow for your project to flourish.
  • Mobile app anyone? Our app will be released in summer 2019 creating a great source for communication when outside of the office.


Safe and secure payment system at your fingertips!


We take your safety and security very seriously especially when it involves payments.

You can pay your freelancer by the hour, or a fixed price for jobs, alternatively proposals can be made. Always use our licensed escrow service to make payments as it protects your payments.


  • Simplified payments. We commit to making payments as transparent and easy as possible, currently, we operate in the UK and accept pounds sterling.
  • Payment protection. Authorise your work once it is completed and you are happy with your results.
  • Invoicing and reporting.  You will only ever be a few clicks away from accessing your invoices and transaction history on Skillbox.


Are you Freelancing?


Find your perfect job!


Skillbox is a great place to work, grow and prosper when it comes to freelancing. We even have multiple options to enable you to work from home or on the road.


  • Freedom to work. You choose your own projects and timescales, it's completely down to your own preference as to how you manage your time as a Freelancer and we give you that much-needed space.
  • Wide variety and top level pay. Buyers are out there and are looking for skills. If you deliver great work expect high pay. 
  • Success till the end. If you score high ratings and have success written all over your profile your chances of being hired are high.


How to get hired quickly!


Skillbox simplifies the process of connecting with clients by using our clear view chat system.


  • Keep up to speed. Utilise the optional tags such as urgent and boost to speed up your work ratio.
  • Level up. The Skillbox level up program offers the opportunity for freelancers to progress and showcase there expertise by incorporating a flashy new badge displayed on the profile.
  • Repeat business. Working hard and showing that you have high ratings to clients will encourage long-lasting relationships.


Provide the goods!


With Skillbox, you have the ultimate flexibility as to when you wish to work and the hours you choose. 

  • Send files securely.  Your files are sent in a secure environment giving you peace of mind.
  • Ratings and reviews. Once you have completed the task your client will be able to leave a review and comment on your work. Allowing you also to leave feedback on the clients' workmanship.
  • Use the app.  The Skillbox app is due to go live summer 2019. In the interim utilise our easy to use chat system to keep active.


Let's get paid!


Thanks to our escrow payment solution your pay is safe with us.


  • Skillbox only. You can count on our simple streamline payment service, all funds are held in a holding account until authorised.
  • Hourly or fixed based projects. Set your price and off you go, it's a straightforward process which you have complete control over. When the job is done successfully funds will be released via the Skillbox payment system. 
  • Escrow only. Securing your funds is our priority. Only use the Skillbox payment system when completing tasks for clients. The multilayer account protection is designed to prevent fraud and making payments when they are due.  



Skillbox charges freelancers a flat rate fee to be transparent and fair.


  • Basic account:       £0.7 + 15% per job
  • Standard account: £0.7 + 12.5% per job
  • Premium account: £0.7 + 10% per job
  • Broken down as per the following
  • Service fee + Skillbox commision

These fees help Skillbox maintain a high level of service and allow users customer support access 7 days a week.