Invoice Template #1 

As a freelancer or recruiter, you are always on the lookout for formalities behind an invoice, well here we go, remember this is an example of what you could do to please your clients. 



Invoice Template Invoice Template #2 

This second invoice shows a format including subtotal, tax and grand total. 



Professional cover letter tips7 Tips & Tricks: Professional Cover Letter   

Have you ever wanted the perfect cover letter? Now you can with these 7 tips & tricks to creating a cover letter.




Professional cover letter types Cover Letter Template: #1   

Okay, this is the first cover letter template, make sure you make it look as professional as possible, check things like grammar and content before submitting to your potential future employer. It is known for recruiters to skim read a cover letter. A question you should ask yourself is 'what will make mine stand out?'. 



Professional cover letter templateCover Letter Template: #2   

The second cover letter template is more refined and has a different look. Take into consideration the professional image you would like to portray and your target audience to decide on the correct format your cover letter should form. 



Professional cover letter template4 Types of Cover Letters   

Wait there is more! You may need to utilise a different type of cover letter depending on what you are applying for. Check out the link to 4 types of cover letters. 




How to create a resume8 Resume Important Concepts   

When writing a resume it is important to understand the logic behind making the best resume you can. With a little bit of guidance, you can implement structure into your professional resume and distinguish yourself from the rest! 



How to get hired Job Seekers: How to Get Hired   

So you have made a cover letter and now you are wondering what to do?! Well, you know need to approach employers with your cover letter, however, do these simple checks before you continue down the route of interviews. Your technique is paramount at this stage! 



Professional cover letter templateHow to Make a Resume in 5 Steps    

Let's take a look at how to make a resume in 5 steps, come on its easy! Make your resume a stunner and jump to the front of the MD's queue by following these simple steps.  



How to make a resumeHow to Make a Resume: Template #1   

Push to the front of the stack of resumes with this classy template. Note, you do not need to put a photo on your resume that is totally optional. 




How to make a resumeHow to Make a Resume: Template #2   

The following resume is designed to look at a more traditional approach on how you would present your professional outline. Knowing how to make a resume will help take the pressure of reading through countless documents, that is why we have narrowed it down to two resume templates. 



10 Resume Tips & Tricks 10 Resume Tips & Tricks    

There is a lot of information around how to make a resume you can get information from friends, colleagues and even a previous employer. In these 10 resume tips and tricks, it will identify ways in which you can improve your resume success rate. 



B2B Communication and Negotiation HacksB2B Communication and Negotiation Hacks     

Sometimes you need a bit of encouragement to form agreements, these hacks should give you the confidence you need to move forward. 




Offer Letter B2C Offer Letter For Marketing Agencies Services: Template #1     

This offer letter template gives you guidance on how to go about your proposal from B2C. 




Employment offer letter Employment Offer Letter: Template #2     

It is important to have as much detail as possible from employers perceptive in order for the employee to get off to the best start possible. 




Ways to succeed as an entrepreneur 6 Ways to Succeed as an Entrepreneur      

There are a few fundamentals to get right when you go it on your own, this guide will help you achieve just that. 




Ways to succeed as an entrepreneur 7 Ways to Succeed as an Entrepreneur      

This guide is a continuation from the first and gives support to you succeeding as an entrepreneur. 





Marketing Strategies for Freelancer and ConsultantsBest Marketing Strategies for Freelancer and Consultants in 2020

It is not easy to market yourself as a freelancer/consultant that is why you must get it right from day one. The strategy will also save you a lot of time and money if you get it right. 



Flexible Work From Home JobsTips: Flexible Work From Home Jobs

Working from home can give you ultimate flexibility, in this guide it tells you how to go about working remotely. 




Guide to remote learning Guide to Remote Learning 

A lot of learning already takes place around the home it is how you incorporated this with your professional services that count! 




How to Design Online Presentations How to Design Online Presentations 

Captivating your online audience is one thing and designing a presentation is another, this guide explains the best techniques. 




Employee Working From Home

Employee Working From Home: Template 

Working from home has its own set of challenges, as an employer you want to know that your policy around protecting your business still apply and as an employee, you need to know you are doing the right thing by following the guidelines. 



Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: Template  

Engaging with your employees is something you should not take likely, this guide allows you to explore the options in depth. 




Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook: Template  

Here is an employee handbook template, ready for all your new starters. Follow this structure and you will be sure to have your employees engaged.