Trust & Safety 

Skillbox relies on trust and our team harnesses that trust to help our users connect with confidence. You might think of us as the Skillbox community's protector, and we are constantly dreaming up new ways to assist our users and to keep the community safe while upskilling. The work we commit too in harnessing the trust relies on a unique blend of vigilance, ingenuity, adaptability and empathy. We are committed to the trust and safety of the community and if you too care as much as we do please feel free to send us feedback to assist with making Skillbox a more trusted place.  



Safety by design: 

  • Ratings - We score the quality of service on Skillbox to understand the level of service offered and the legitimacy of accounts. We evaluate and deal with suspicious activity immediately.
  • Verification - We screen accounts by using email verification for that enhanced level of security. Background checks are conducted ad-hoc on users for peace of mind. 
  • Education - Saftey is at the forefront of Skillbox and we take a great interest in releasing material based on this to educate users about safe practices and procedures. 
  • Secure Payments - Our secure payment system ensures your money is safe throughout the transaction and gets to the freelancer, that is why we ask you to always pay through Skillbox to ensure you are protected, never pay anyone directly even when asked. 
  • Account protection - Safeguarding your account is a priority, these consist of authentication when signing in and account alerts when changes are made.  
  • Scam prevention - Pay and communicate through the Skillbox website or app for ultimate protection. As long as you stay on Skillbox throughout the entire process which includes from communication to placing an order and payment, your account will be protected by our defence strategy.