FAQ's - Guide to the UK freelance marketplace

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General Questions

Online – as technology is changing evermore and the world becomes more reliant on web-based services, online works starts to feel more local with the added speed, cost and quality advantages.
Working online is flexible as you only need an internet connection and a work location e.g. office, home or café. Essentially you can work from anywhere in the world! You can also select from a wide array of people to work with.
In Person – the more local approach is to work with a client directly sharing your skills and knowledge. Working in person promotes your trust and enables you to deal with projects hands on!
All you need is the appropriate tools and equipment to get you started, the more local your clients the better and if you build a good rapport with your client base you will have frequent work in no time!
Payments are simplified when using Skillbox, invoices are integrated into the process allowing for more transparency. As the payment system operates using an escrow service this enables the safest and most secure way to transfer funds.
Once your job begins, you will want to communicate openly and clearly to achieve the best result for your project and to make it a success.

Skillbox charges the following commission rates on its accounts;
Freelancer accounts (per transaction):
- Basic account £0.7 + 15%
- Standard account £0.7 + 12.5%
- Premium account £0.7 + 10%
Buyer accounts (per transaction):
A flat rate of £0.7 + 5% is charged to buyers.
We also offer optional subscription services.
These fees ensure Skillbox is kept up to date and allows our customer service centre to operate 7 days a week.

The three main services on Skillbox consist of online, in person and courses. Any job you can think of can be completed on your computer via Skillbox from logo design to learning how to draw freelance style using courses. For that added extra Skillbox allows you to meet directly and complete tasks in person allowing for ultimate freedom!
If up to the challenge a freelancer can complete any task that you have set aside. The Skillbox marketplace allows for a wide range of projects to take place; big or small, one-off or reoccurring, individual or team focused. The talent you will find on Skillbox ranges from a content writer for your social media account, or perhaps a graphic designer for your logo, you might even find a freelancer to landscape your garden!
Skillbox is here to support your needs in any which way!

Our level up system allows you to grow, with the quality of your services delivered, excellent relationships with clients and the success ratings of your jobs.
The levels range from 1 to 3 one being the lowest and three the highest. Achieving these badges will showcase on your profile and give you more recognition and trustworthiness.
Level 1 Seller - Complete at least 10 orders or earn £400
Level 2 Seller - Complete at least 50 orders or earn £1,000
Level 3 Seller - Complete at least 150 orders or earn £3,000
The level 3 badge is our top-rated badge and will prove to people that you mean business!

Seller Questions

How do I get started with freelancing on Skillbox?
For the categories online and courses, all you need is a computer, internet connection and top-level skills. With regards to the category in person, you will need a computer, equipment, tools and the know-how.
All you need to do is create a professional freelancer profile to showcase your skills. Think of it as an introduction or resume highlighting: Professional skills, portfolio, and experience, work history, education and accomplishments and advertising your strongest skill set.
There are some top profiles out there and they consist of informative, error-free and feature a professional friendly looking photo. Once you have created a profile, start your search for jobs, submit proposals and communicate with the buyer community. More activity means more job prospects.

Of course! At Skillbox we endeavour to provide the best quality service and the most accessible and user-friendly website for ease of navigation. We are doing this in the hope that it gives a better chance for the marketplace to grow and to allow freelancers the best types of opportunities to build a thriving business.

If you want to become a success the best option is to stick to what you know! If you have a skill set or you are qualified in a certain field, continue this path and showcase your true potential. Also, communicate well with your clients taking that much needed time to build up a great working relationship.
Here are some top tips to get you started: Carefully select your job, ask plenty of questions before you commence work. Find out if there are any specific requirements and the discuss the preferred deadline giving yourself time to execute well and if you feel that the client or the job is not right for you simply turn it down and search for more jobs.
Have confidence in the job you accept, once a buyer has selected you to complete a job engage with your client to get the project off to a good start, agree on a deadline and be sure to achieve the deadline if promised and collect all the required information to complete the job off to a great start.
Communicate effectively: Communicate with your client on a regular basis being proactive is the key here. Letting the buyer know what stage you are working on and when you will be delivering the work will get you brownie points! Once deadlines have been agreed make sure you keep to them. Communicate immediately if you are unable to make a deadline as there is a chance it could be extended. Ask questions if you need to this will keep the project on track and if a client reaches out to you respond as quickly as you can a client may get concerned if they do not hear from you.
Client satisfaction: Ask a client if the project meets their needs by showing a sample of part of the completed project, this will determine whether you are heading in the right direction. Make sure the client is happy with the deliverables before moving to the next step and offer a revision or alternative if needed. Once all work is completed make sure the client has everything they needed. Job done!

Pinpoint what you are looking for by utilising the search function. Using filters also narrows down your search, here is some food for thought: Do you require a small job or a long-term contract? What are the hours that you require? Do you want to be paid a fixed price or by the hour?
Once you have decided on your job preferences search the platform to locate your perfect job reading descriptions carefully to determine what you are most qualified for and if they meet your criteria.
Once a buyer has contacted you send your client a well written, error-free proposal. Always customise your proposal to the job description outlined to increase your chance of a response.

On your dashboard, there are many functions to use allowing you to steer your organisation in the right direction. One function is to edit your profile showcasing your professionalism.
Skillbox is a versatile platform giving you the freedom to move between a buyer and seller account. This benefits you when working on large scale projects and you need assistance from other freelancers.
Having a choice between fixed prices and per hour is essential to your freelance career as it provides you with the flexibility to take on jobs in different ways. For per hour projects: You agree on the scale of the task and quote the hours it is likely to take to complete, simply arriving at an agreement with the buyer. Once the task is completed both parties must authorise the work for the funds to then be realised.
For fixed price projects: Setup milestones and deadlines for each part of the project. Each milestone will need to be submitted when ready and for your client to release funds from their escrow account once approved. The escrow account keeps your funds secure while you work on a project.
Staying organised is essential to the success of your projects. Please read our blogs in the blogs and education section to learn more.

Individuals, teams, businesses there is a range of potential clients on Skillbox. Each will have their own unique project requiring a particular skill set. The more skills you have the better chance of finding a job.
Jobs come in different sizes some will need milestones to structure the delivery others can be completed in 24hrs. Skillbox leaves the selection of jobs down to you. Across the three services online, in person and courses, there are many opportunities to showcase your talent and find new buyers. Work Freely!

Selling through Skillbox has never been so easy we have a secure payment gateway allowing you to work freely with funds being held in a holding account until the job is completed. You can work from anywhere at any time and with the Skillbox app being launch in summer 2019 you will have even more flexibility. It is easy to grow a freelance business with us due to the platform being user-friendly and versatile.
Three key advantages when working with Skillbox: Finding clients in one centralised platform for online and offline jobs. Built-in security into the payment system, using an escrow holding account and a clear dispute process should you need it. Solid rating and feedback system to encourage quality of work and 7 days a week customer support.
Our commision rates are very competitive and the additional features such as the subscription service allow buyers to see your profile a lot faster in a crowded marketplace.

You can! Skillbox encourages you to be proactive and engage with your clients whilst going after those top-level ratings.
You decided how much to charge on Skillbox, giving flexibility over potential earnings. Having multiple skills to showcase will potentially mean more jobs become available.
Skillbox is UK based allowing its freelancers to stay competitive in the marketplace and to win jobs more easily. Promote yourself through social media channels to encourage a larger following and more appetite for the skills you have on offer.

Its free to join Skillbox. We receive the following fees for each payment made:
Basic account (FREE) £0.7 + 15%
Standard account (PAID) £0.7 + 12.5%
Premium account (PAID) £0.7 + 10%
There are optional subscriptions to boost your ads and to stand out from the crowd. When setting your rates always price your services accordingly.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a legal program upheld by the UK government, as part of The Money Laundering Regulations 2017. Its existence is to ensure a person is who they say they are and does what they say they are doing.
The KYC screening process is handled by our payment gateway provider MangoPay. Our objective is to provide Skillbox users with the safest and most secure environment and to ensure Skillbox is being used in the way it is intended.
To continue growing our trustworthy and reliable community we ask for sellers to verify their identity, by presenting official ID before funds can be withdrawn. This is part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality and trust that Skillbox maintains within our marketplace.
Verifying your account may take up to 7 days, this is a one time only process. Please attach the relevant documents requested.
Note: Best practice is to scan or screenshot your documentation and simply upload to 'Identification documents'.

Buyer Questions

Describe your project outlining your goals and the skills that you are looking for not forgetting your desired deadline.
By describing your needs this will make it easier for prospective freelancers to submit proposals. Once you are ready, post a job this will then upload to the buyer listings and will be found in your specific category alongside other job posts.
You can also browse Skillbox to actively seek out a preferred freelancer by messaging them or adding them to your shortlist for review at a later date.

When starting out write a clear and concise job post highlighting any specific details or requests that you would like to incorporate in your job.
When evaluating applicants focus on freelancers with proven work on similar jobs or skills they have that would best suit your requirements. Once you have selected a freelancer make contact and discuss important details relating to the job.

Online freelancers are able to offer revisions where appropriate, this will be indicated on their profile under packages. Revisions allow projects to be modified as long as it is in line with the agreed job description.
In Person freelancers are able to offer a snag list. This allows work completed by hand to be corrected if not completed to the required standard. It is optional whether or not a freelancer includes this as part of their package and may be seen listed as an extra.
Course freelancers provide previews of their work in most scenarios however, this is optional if a course is not to your satisfaction it is best practice to inform the freelancer for a resolution.
We do encourage that disputes are resolved amicably however, there is an option to utilise the resolution centre for further help although fees may apply.
Skillbox payment system is designed to protect you and your work. Due to both parties having to agree on the work being authorised this means that refunds and cancellations are possible if the work has been delayed, not to the required standard or did not fit the job description. Please see out terms and conditions for more details.

In our user agreement, it states that you own any intellectual property that you pay for.
You are welcome to reinforce this by using a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which many freelancers will recognise and happily sign for work-related purposes. At this time Skillbox does not offer this service.

When evaluating a freelancers profile it will be clearly displayed whether the project is fixed or per hour. When selecting a freelancers package please read what is on offer for the price stated. Some freelancers will have multiple packages from basic to premium giving you more choice. Contact the freelancer if necessary to reinforce what is on offer for a fixed price and if priced per hour get a better understanding of what you will be getting for the hours you agree upon.
Sizable jobs may require milestones. This allows for the freelancer to break the project up into a more manageable workload. This makes for better quality assurance and maintains communication between the buyer and seller at all stages of the project. Before each milestone begins you must fund the escrow.
Once the work is approved funds can, therefore, be realised to the freelancer, feel free to leave a review.

Once the job has been agreed on the basis of the project scope and budget Skillbox makes paying freelancers a simple process. Choose your desired card ranging from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal. You will then pay via MangoPay an escrow service where your funds will be held. The funds will only be released once both parties have approved the work carried out. The fees are £0.7 + 5% on purchases.

Of course! All payments that are made via Skillbox have a downloadable invoice this can be found in my orders on the buyer account dashboard.

The responsibility of filing tax-related forms is that of your freelancer.
Assuming you have correctly classified your freelancer as an independent contractor instead of an employee.
Naturally, we are not tax experts for your specific business you should consult a tax professional if you have any questions that are tax related.

Look for specific skills that will improve your success rate. Shortlist freelancers to acquire the most appropriate skill set for your project. Look at previous work a freelancer has completed, review ratings and comments to make an informed decision. By following these steps you will potentially increase the success of your job.
Skillbox has introduced a level system to categories freelancers experience whilst using Skillbox. These levels are based on the throughput of sales allowing for a buyer to determine freelancers that have gained popularity within the marketplace.
Chat with freelancers by selecting the 'contact me' button on their profile. This will enable a solid form of communication giving your project a better success rate.

You must be signed up to Skillbox before you can hire a freelancer. Once signed in browse freelancers in your field of interest.
Why not select from a few freelancers by making a shortlist. This will allow you to vet potential candidates for the project at hand.
Once you have narrowed down the shortlist select your preferred freelancer and make contact.
If the package on offer is suitable, select and validate the payment at checkout. Your money will be held in an escrow holding account until the task is completed and approved by the freelancer and yourself.

We have a number of measures in place to ensure Skillbox is a fair and dependable marketplace.
We use means to verify accounts and information uploaded by freelancers giving you details of the user and their associated skill level.
What we monitor: Verification of email address, displaying feedback and ratings linked to each freelancer, providing response times and duration with Skillbox to inform users of account activity, regular internal audits of the system and its users.
We try our utmost to screen each and every freelancer, however, please screen freelancers yourself to make sure their skills and experience meet the needs of your project. Look through photos and videos of past projects and ask questions to freelancers regarding experience levels.

We offer a marketplace that allows buyers to connect with sellers (freelancers) and to give the freedom to the user to make their own choices. The platform does, however, make suggestions in terms of what has been searched providing recommendation and promotes a level up system that tailors to higher profile freelancers on Skillbox making decisions easier for you.